Monday, August 31, 2009

Bad Rep.

Medusa! There are many legends about this lady and some contradict one another, but one thing that is consistent is that her story is tragic! In Greek myth the name Medusa means "guardian" or "protectress". But she was also a Gorgon, ya know, a monster with snakes for hair, gorgon means "terrible". The legend has it that she was a normal hot priestess in Athena's temple. She had some riotous affair with Poseidon, the ruler of the Sea, also Zeus's brother, and anyway she got knocked up. When Athena heard of all this she got super pissed and cursed Medusa by turning her long locks of blonde hair into snakes, and mangling her face so gnarly it turned anyone who looked at it to stone. Bummer. Big time bummer. But her story doesn't end there, no, Medusa cant get a break, Greek hero Perseus is sent to kill her, which he does he beheads her, and takes her head through the desert, where it dripped blood into poisoness serpents, and then to the sea where he laid her head down and the blood ran into it and then it became the red sea. Some stories say that Perseus took Medusa's head to Athena where she put the head on her shield, and if that isn't fucking crazy I dont know what is.

Check out this clip of Perseus getting his murder on!


  1. My favorite Phorcid

    Here you'll dig this... about half way down the page, in the section titled "The disconcerting strangeness of the feminine" ROBERT GRAVES

    Everyone grab their crane bag and get down :)

  2. And a pencil drawing for you <3